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You're Wrong!

Chappell Rose & Dave Holt: In Concert  (Highreach, 1986)

Song to a Shrinking Violet

• Steve Snyder & Kate Katzberg:  Atomic Love  (CD Records, 1983)

Keep in Mind (That I Love You)

• David Levine:  Let Love Carry You Along (1988)

• Rosy's Bar & Grill: Rosy's Bar & Grill  (Biscuit City Records, 1979)

Scott Alarik: Stories  (Train on the Island, 1979)

Visitation (poem)

• Rosalie Sorrels: No Closing Chord:  The Songs of Malvina Reynolds  (Red House, 2000)


The Thing That Makes You Beautiful

 Beatitudes: Amidon Choral Arrangements   (Amidon, 2005)

 Twenty-five Anthems for Interfaith and Community Choirs   (Amidon, 2015)

Keep in Mind (That I Love You)

 New Folk Favorites (Hal Leonard Publications, 1987)

Keep in Mind (That I Love You) • Standing Behind a Man

 Here's to the Women!: 100 Songs for and about American Women (Syracuse University Press, 1987)

Standing Behind a Man • Nuclear Family Blues

 All Our Lives: A Women's Songbook (Diana Press, 1976)


Do You See That Moon? · Sing Out! (Summer, 1999)

I'm in Debt (Down Deep, In Over My Head) · Sing Out! (1986)

Keep in Mind (That I Love You) · Come for to Sing (1982)

Gateway Blues · Paid My Dues (1979)

Standing Behind a Man · Sing Out! (1973)

Jane Voss has entries in:

MusicHound folk (Visible Ink, 1998)

Finding Her Voice: Women in Country Music, 1800-2000 (Vanderbilt, 1993)

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