“Still (My Thoughts Go Back to You)” deserves to be better known.  I hope this jewel gets recorded by a Nashville star or two and it gets to be so popular you hear it in elevators, and Jane Voss gets to live off the royalties.

— Jody Stecher

Movin’ on my way, I leave you far behind;

Ever-changing sights and scenes of my life

occupy my mind;

And time works many wonders, it is true;

Still, my thoughts go back to you.

From the CD Get to the Heart

© 1973 Jane Voss, Obscure Origins Music (BMI)

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Still (My Thoughts Go Back to You)

has been recorded by these other fine artists:

Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin: Blue Lightning (Rounder, 1991)

Highly Strung: No Strings Attached  (101 Records, 2000)

Springfield Exit: That Was Then (Patuxtent, 2015)

Jane’s other best-known songs:

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Jane Voss


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