Many of Voss’ songs are about the struggle to maintain dignity in the face of discouragement, calm in the face of calamity. ... She aims for accessibility, using straightforward language in surprising ways, to evoke a mesh of emotions.

— Demetria Martinez, Albuquerque Journal

Jane Voss


To all my friends in far-flung places

When again I’ll see your faces

No one knows, no one can say

And none can name the happy day

When we embrace to greet once more

To take up where we were before

The miles and time that come between

The different lives that intervene

Like shadows in a dream, now I’m with you

From the CD Sparkle and Shine

© 1985 Jane Voss, Obscure Origins Music (BMI)

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To All My Friends in Far-Flung Places

has been recorded by these other fine artists:

Chuck Pyle: Keepin’ Time by the River  (Bee & Flower, 1998)

• Rosalie Sorrels: Winterfolk X Live!  (various artists)  (Sisters of the Road, 1998)

• Dave Van Ronk: To All My Friends in  Far-Flung Places  (Gazell, 1994)

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